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In the environment of the depicted stones strong classical séance-room phenomena were occurring in Alberts deep-trance. Spirit Lights, touches, raps on ceiling, strange noises and strong Full Levitations of the Sitters table! Specifically worthwhile to mention here is the size of the stones that were observed building up and then delivered from behind the eye-lid. Already earlier massive deformations were reported happening in Alberts face, announcing an apport or sometimes not
As mentioned before we will be sharing with you content from an original minute to minute protocol from the transcript of a FLOW-Circle sitting the 20th of January 2017, near Munich and a few anecdotes from a FLOW-circles sitting at the 25th of January 2017.

The first sitting began 9.00 pm in a room perfectly sized to host the 6 persons the circle is made of.
Main Medium of the evening was the natural trance-physical medium Albert, his wife Josy (trance-medium with physical aspects), Michael, the circle leader and Antje, his wife.
Natural means that Alberts trances, despite the many trainings he had, triggered themselves for decades without any participation of his will or without applying any technique he had learned over his wife Josy.
He usually only has to sit in a spirit related environment and it happens: He falls to the side, leaning to the adjacent seated sitter or sinks with his head onto the table or is simply not anymore part of singing or conversation and the soon after voices and messages are coming through him, then for a year highly peculiar apports and newly typical physical séanceroom-phenomena.

 Specifically unfortunate were Sabines (trance-medium) and Christinas abcense that night. Besides Josy it is Christina whose trance work shifted into a symbiosis with the trance contents of Albert. Her messages literally mirror Alberts and act in the interest and will for Alberts main communicator, 'The Messenger'.
In the last articles (partially only available on fb) we described the unique and strange energetical output of Alberts trances and its effect on the sitters. Non-mediumistic sitters sense waves of physical energy and see objectively present small discharges of light-energy, like small explosions in the air. Some of them reported to be pulled into a kind of sleeping state, as if these physical emanations would urge everybody into trance-like states.
Very peculiar and considerable!

The mediums instead are drawn into a connected field of information. Absent Sabine for example overtakes in her connected trance the role of the gatekeeper, an Indian, called 'WOLF', looking after the medium, gives orders, how the group has to behave or when the medium Albert is ready for the cabinet!
That she is called 'WOLF' then, counterpart of 'FLOW' (spelled backwards) is thereby no coincidence! Josy is part of that trance-triangle as well and emanates highly emotional and powerful verbal trance contents. I say 'emanate', because the physicality coming from Albert actually mirrors within Josy and she becomes that energy when she 'trance-speaks'.

When this constellation is in craft huge waves of energy vibe through and shake sitters and guests a lot and is something I have experienced only once before, years ago with Paul Ham of Australia! About the extraterrestrial energies he is 'channeling' several books have been written!
In the meantime it is 09.16.55, red light is on and the sitters have sung and talked so far. Around 09.10.00 Albert had gone in trance and sits heavily and regulary breathing at the table. Behind him is the cabinet in some distance. The rest of the sitters suddenly look up because a wind like wave comes from the medium.
It says: 'Right Eye!' More wind is coming!
Medium: 'More red light!'
Michael turns up the red light and is told: 'Michael, stand up and move to the mediums right side!' Michael stands up and walks over to Albert. 'Hold your hand below the eye, and look very closely!' Albert still sits with head sunk forwards on his seat, his arms hang down to his left and right. The lower positioned and full blown 40 W red light illuminates his face.
Michael states: 'Yes, an apport! Fallen from his right eye!'
Instantly the medium urges for darkness saying loudly into the sitters reactions: 'Red light away!'

'Antje! You control the medium!' Albert is heard saying and lays his both hands in hers.
It is 09.21.38, when Antje stated: 'He takes my hand to his right eye again!'
Medium asks for red light, which is immediately lit!
'Michael, control what is going on by vision!'
Michael hastes over to the other side of the table.
Medium sits now head upright.
Michael says at that time: 'Something is building at the tear channel! It's big! But it is still there. Shall it come out?'
The reader may remember one of the last reports when a massively huge object in the tissue below the eye-socket and the nose-wing shockingly deformed the mediums face and did not come out! It simply vanished...
Medium: 'Go!'
The entity has overtaken the control fully and stunned by what is going on the sitters do as they are told. Michael goes back to his seat.
'Can we help?', he asks from there.
After a dialogue with several instructions, it is finally Antje who with the additional help of a torchlight has the apport falling into her hand.
 Suddenly for the first time the group recognizes knockings from the ceiling. It is 09.28.18 at that time!

In the course of the upcoming minutes several apports are delivered, from right eye, from left eye, from the mouth, suddenly falling onto the floor, falling onto the table.
From the protocol:
09.28.18 Strong knockings! Third Apport from the right eye! Stronger knockings!
09.30.35 Huge drop-like formed vulcanic stone exits the mediums mouth!
09.31.10 Full levitation of the table.
Accompanying Wind for 10 seconds. Knockings wander from ceiling onto table. Table is set in floating motion and comes back down.

At 09.43.36 the Medium announces another Materialization. It is still red light and hand control is wanted by the communicator: Michael and Antje execute it and shortly after report a fourth building-up object in the right eye, describe its increasing size and its eventual exit!
Medium directs the observation to his left eye where something can be seen moving behind the lid also. Antje helps to set it free!
Medium announces it is ready to be brought into the cabinet, 'but later!'.
It requests 'energy' through singing.

It is 09.49.29 and the table is in powerful movement and a coldness is strongly felt by all.
Light is off again, when there's a bright light above Alberts head that could be seen by all and something is heard falling to the floor. 10 seconds later there is the sound of something falling on the table and later it seemed as if the object from the floor somehow got onto the table.
Less than 2 minutes later Michael announces he feels a strong drain of energy.
As if Alberts trance-personality had waited for this it declares Albert has 'to be brought into the cabinet!'

Shortly later he announced from the cabinet: 'We're in position! Energy!'

Meanwhile Josy has a high-ranked job in the social media business, Albert, who is in his late fifties, actually is a highly regarded specialist in legal affairs in Munich. His involvement in active mediumship is quite young - and unawaited his unwillingly upcoming trance states pushed him into this for his usual environment totally strange position.

Now sitters start to report sensing 'things' on their head, meanwhile strange noises are coming from the floor. More wind is coming and again there is something moving over and touching the heads.

'More energy! We are preparing the Messenger!'
The 'Messenger' is Alberts trance communicator number one. He brings the strongest messages forward.
Loud knocking sounds are heard from the ceiling!
Their first appearance lasts 53 seconds of strong blows against the wooden ceiling.
'We're preparing the delivery of the message! More energy needed!'
Suddenly it announced: 'Light!'

Josy switches the light on and two seconds later from the red-lit midair another apport lands directly on Josies back of her hand.
It's 10.29.05.

In the following the medium adresses the sitters and delivers guide-,group- and phenomena-related information with intermediary especially meaningful parts.
It is for example about the apports, their purpose, meaning and sacred character.
About the nature of the entity. The necessity of the groups consistency. About heart-power. About Light and Darkness.
The séance lasted 2h20min.!
In the focus of the sitting of the 25th of January Alberts energetical trance, table levitations and Eye-socket-Apportation stood
A few days later another short report flocked in.
Josy had transcribed the words the communicator 'The Messenger' shared with the sitters regarding the stones they became overgiven! Again extraordinarily big stones were apported from the eye-socket and their building process clearly observed.

After the stones were overgiven, the Communicator 'Messenger' had the following to say:
'Your Stone has the color green. It's the natures color here on earth! Place the stone in front of you!'
'Your stone has the color blue and a fragment of white. White, like the clouds in the sky! Both stones show the connection of nature to the sky above you! Place the Stone in front of you!'
'Your stone is black and mixes up with white! This connects the previously said, nature and sky with the Galaxy! Place the Stone in front of you on the table!'

'Now see how the energy within the stones works!'
In front of everybodies eyes and in red light the table with the stones on it screws itself up into the air, where it hangs for 30 seconds before it slowly descends....

That was the actual report from the FLOW-circles work and we hope you have enjoyed it!
More! Take part! All these new succesful circles create active memes, in which we can link in, what makes an early succesful spirit contact morelikely!

Thanks to FLOW-circle and GOOD LUCK to all! 

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A CLOSER LOOK - A Composite! Not a Photo!

A closer look at the Composite from the 'Mitzi Mange Materialization' Photo Nr.2
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT A PHOTO. IT IS THE RESULT OF MIRRORING AN IMAGE AND DUE TO THE NATURE OF A FACE MANY THINGS MIRRORED CAN TAKE A FACE-LIKE LOOK. So in the end it is nothing more than an interesting result in so far that actually such a complete face evolved from the editing.
Author and Investigator William Treurniet says: 'Also, if the formation of the etheric form had gone to completion, the features may well have changed shape or become something else. So the result you show says very little about the appearance of the intended face.'
If the visible face actually shows what was covered by hair is actually quite questionable, nevertheless the result was worthwhile to present, we think.
Undisputable in fact is the Materialization that was the source of the photograph (shown on image 4 below). This is the true sensational result of this story!




Enjoy, K.


 Momentarily, believe it or not, something extraordinary is going on.
We (Felix Circle) were once 'chased' from our cellar into public so to speak - by our spirit controls (the impulse to go public with the results achieved with the Mediumship in the Felix Circle came from the spirit world originally) - claiming that with the bravely against all criticism presented phenomena developing entanglements with existing and newly inspired circles would sooner or later trigger strong systemic results, all active parts would prosper from.
The circles we would build connections with would interlink with us into a together created active meme, building up with every new result systemically shared.

It is the creation of a new morphogenetic for Physical Forms of Mediumship, not anymore solely dependent on historical results from previous centuries. One way to interlink is for example the still upcoming website about the worldwide materialization of sacred objects and artifacts - like the activation stones - representing physically the hubs of that living system.

All who are globally identified as spiritual centers and individuals by the materialization of the sacred objects through the spirit entities can present on the website their objects and a huge worldmap will then actually depict the global systemic connections!

The spirits also always foretold breakthroughs to happen! When enough information has been gathered from its interlinked hubs the morphogenetic field would transcend they said - and a transformation of what is possible will happen!
 Let me tell you that several circles we are befriended with for years at the moment go through a process of transcension in regards of the range, degree, quality and strength in their physical phenomena making us believe a breakthrough is happening right now! At the same time also the trance communication, usually having to overcome high obstacles, produces yet unreached quality and strength regarding momentary communications.

There is the Clear Primordial Light Circle with their increasing results, the Experimental Group Thun with their 'Emelie' entity who develops unique forms of holistical healing processes from the spiritual plane, there is the Nuertingen trance-physical Circle around medium and healer Frauke, the physical Sundeer-Circle around Author and healer Rolf W. Stadelmann, the physical Cas Ina-Circle, the physical Raffaela-Circles, the new Furrer Circle and others in the German speaking environment, unmentioning our connected physical circles in US, like Neals and August Goforths circle we just reported about, those in Australia, Denmark and Norway, that have partially operated massive results at the moment!

 And there is the German FLOW-Circle not to forget - that unfortunately won't ever be able to go public because of the business relations of Josy, mediumistical counterpart to her husband Albert, physical deeptrance medium. Their circle leader Michael has just sent me another astounding minute protocol and report we will share soon.

Albert is counting for me to the most promising upcoming physical mediums of the year and you will learn about its strength and magic again soon!

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Julia Muegge: ANOTHER FULL MATERIALIZATION ON BEHALF OF MY HUSBANDS MEDIUMSHIP: MITZI MANGE MATERIALIZES FOR RUDI SCHNEIDER - and other phenomenal experiences in Switzerland Séances January 2017 (with many photos of visible fully Materialized Spirits!)

Photographer and host Markus Kappeler (46) is an international entrepeneur and inventor and an experienced practical mysticist in Western forms of Occultism and has sat and studied nearly all Western Physical Mediums demonstrating. He hosts events of spiritual nature and lives with his wife Anita in Lugnorre/Switzerland. He is one of the founders of the Clear Primordial Light Circle and Circle-Leader in different additional Sitter constellations

Kai and me were visiting the founders of a befriended circle in Lugnorre, Switzerland. There Markus (further on called M.K.) and Anita Kappeler (further on A.K.) are living and the visit was for training and sitting and studying together the laws of the Spirit World. Practically and theoretically. Last Saturday it started in the morning with a first setting, all four around the table, cabinet in a distance closed with focus objects in it. Me opposite to Kai and M. and A. to Kais left and right side. We couldn't foresee how extraordinary that first sitting should become.

We just had sat down in bright red light, have just put our hands on the tables surface when it rose forcefully into the air. Having just opened the circle in quick succession the other phenomena were following.
Full Darkness. Only the focus-object in the cabinet and a handkerchief we used later were shimmering by the adhered illutape. The trumpet glew on both sides! Together with a tambourine it was waiting in the cabinet, approx. 2m (6,6 feet) to the left of Kai and behind A.. It had illu-tape taped onto both endings. We had closed the cabinet firmly.
It is Full Darkness.
A shamans drum leaning to the wall behind M., 2 m to the right of Kai tumbled and fell to the floor. A few seconds later it came crashing down onto the table. The table at that time was in a constant activity already also.

Inbetween all this we are always singing. And Kai is always singing or talking without pause. When he is not as strictly held as in the cabinet sittings he wants to show he is not moving, not even turning his head. So his loud singing always comes from the exactly same spot.
You need to know that M. and A.K. have sat with Kai in dozens of sittings when he was strictly controlled, so our communion was not for control reasons but for performance reasons!

Red light!
We are bringing the shamans drum back to its place.
Kai speaks to the spirits as he does when he is not singing. Knockings are starting all over and in the cabinet we hear things moving. Kai asks strictly for visible illuminations! Usually starting to fall down from under the ceiling, but it stayed dark.
M. saw one first light at the shamans drum, he had turned his head around towards to.
There as well!
Kai saw another single light at the door.
That is not much.

Short blows of wind start to come from the midst of the table and suddenly I feel something on my head. Like thin pieces of cloth or alike, gently touching also my forehead.
A. besides me also tells us, there is something on her head.
Something makes a sound between A. to my right and me: the tambourine crashes loudly onto the table.
Red Light!
We can estimate from the sound heard which flight path the tambourine had taken. We were looking to the cabinet, where behind the stiff and closed curtains the tambourine was placed onto a chair. The cabinet appeared untouched. Nevertheless the tambourine was outside. We brought it back into the cabinet.

Sudden full levitation of the table. I counted loudly 43 seconds! The table was like swimming lowering and heightening its surface several times. Then as if a rope was cut the table plunged back to the floor. Kai is then speaking loudly to the spirits and asks again for showing themselves eventually with more visible spirit light activity and meanwhile he summons them, suddenly the same shamans drum starts to distinctively drum an indian rhythm.
We know these rhythms mainly from the many ceremonies we were in. Quite original! A main section and its typical counterpart like response. This song is from a spirit ceremony! It shall control the movements of the summoned spirits in the room actually! It appears to me as if I heard a medicinman sing to the rhythm. The drumming is starting all over.

Suddenly a strange small mass of light appeared above the surface of the table and vanished after a few seconds. Shortly after the pinpointed lights Kai asked for appeared flickering all over the tables surface. This time they had not sank down from above like mostly. They were suddenly there.

We are opening the cabinet!
The glowing trumpet is well visible laying there inside the now open cabinet.
But not two minutes later the unlit tambourine crashes for a second time onto the table, where the lights still flicker.
Red Light, we requested and brought the tambourine back into the cabinet.
Again Darkness.
A few seconds later one of the farthest objects in the room from Kai lands on the table. A small wooden victorian séance table that was positioned from Kais seat behind the cabinet in the corner to his far left.
We sitters are stunned because totally silent and undetected the victorian table must have come floating or flying over and have landed on the main table.

All the items on the tables surface, like the cloth, an indian feather and small crystals and alike were untouched. We take the table back into the corner where it came from.
Well visible is the small table to the right of the cabinet that landed totally silent on the main table when the group was singing. These transports are well known from the sittings with the Felix Circle Medium K.M. (Photos originally wanted to show the height of trumpet flight, a recreation by photographer Markus Kappeler, trumpet hangs on strings!)  (copyrights! No use without permission)

Now Kai asks for the trumpet. Group is singing.
Suddenly we see the illuminated trumpet leave its place on the chair in the cabinet and starts to hover, to fly over to us, stopping in its flight and making a bowlike move over A.'s and my head and above the midst of the table it erects itself upwards and falls onto the table. Loud cheering by the sitters.

Then Kai talked loudly to his controls and said, the trumpet should take another flight path this time.
So in red light we repositioned the trumpet, switched off the light and observed the glowing trumpet inside the open cabinet - besides Kai who we heard talking into our direction away from the cabinet.
Despite this seems to be his mediumship he believes when he turns his head towards the active area he interrupts the processes as it has happened a lot in earlier Felix Circle days.
Several times the trumpet flew when the medium sat controlled at the table with the rest of the sitters (trumpet on strings, photographer Markus Kappeler originally wanted to show the trumpet path of flight) (copyrights! Don't steal our images!)

Now the most amazing thing happened. In a linear path the trumpet flew quickly over to us, wide opening first. When the smaller end had reached the line of the sitters also, the trumpet started to move circlewise over the heads of the sitters in a great speed. It made several rounds, faster and faster. The wider opening always looking towards the midst of the table, the smaller opening pointing outside, it circled and circled and circled like crazy around, around and around.
Somewhen it landed exhaustedly. We had not seen or experienced that before.

Kai again adressed the spirits and asked them in a challenging way to bring both, the tambourine and the trumpet at the same time! We heard the tambourine. Then we saw the trumpet erecting. Kai asks us to describe what we see, because it's happening behind his left shoulder. Listening to the tambourine bells we see and describe at the same time the trumpet floating towards us until both are crashing onto the table. It looked as if a somebody was in the room, who put the trumpet onto the tambourine and carried both over to us.
What shall i say, that was impressive! 
We all observed as if somebody else away from the group was carrying tambourine and trumpet at the same time over to the table

The last act of the sitting began. We put away the focus objects and everything and layed the brightly glowing cotton handkerchief on the table. Kai proposed we all should hold hands. Lights off and singing. The voluminous piece of cloth glew strongly in front of us in the dark.
Suddenly the glowing mass of handkerchief made quick controlled circular moves, not quite 90 degree, stopping and erruptively turning again maybe 75 to 90 degree, all hands controlled.
After a time we closed the circle.

The sitting was superb, but Kai was affected and tired the rest of the day.
We got up from our seats and i went upstairs when i heard M. call out! He saw an object fall from under Kais former seat down to the floor. A golden Ganesha. He saw an Apport!

The rest of the day was filled with theoretical and philosophical discussions and more practical experiments for the development of the mediumistic work of A. and M.K..

Kai was moreover wanted to hold the next day in the same Eternal Light/Primordial Light Circles ('Klarer Urlicht Zirkel') new specified séanceroom a Cabinet Sitting.
We all believe that the places we sit in start to form a kind of a portal for the spirits. A kind of dimensional membrane that gets thinner and thinner the more intensive sittings are taking place.
Our hosts are experienced sitters and when their circle is sitting with all members even full levitations take place. But in their new séance room they specificly wanted to have also one of Kais strongest cabinets séances.

The morning Kai presented materials. He showed for example the photos I took a few years ago in my old appartement. When the trumpet was flying in red light - in my appartement! Flying around, hovering above Kai, tapping on his backhead and so forth. All in good red light. They are unpublished because Kai said the quality of the photos is not good enough and needed to much explaining. I like them and it was amazing! And i was allowed to photograph it!

After two hours rest we gathered Sunday afternoon for the cabinet.
Kai was changing into his séance clothes, thin black cotton wool trousers and t-shirt because of the heat. Because of a hurt foot Kai took off his séanceroom-shoes.

After a few minutes of entrancing with the breathing routine his breathing was alternated by the coarse inhalation of the spirit control for speech. A lot of light happened, blue lights, white lights, explosions, strange blue lights at the ceiling like in Basle, when we had full form Materialization the last time, huge masses of whitish, blueish tint are lightning up in front of the cabinet.
In the meantime Kais breathing was overtaken fully and soon after Hans' suppressed voice said Hello.
Like mostly with his 'Hello' we hear objects drop onto the floor, they are coming with the energy and represent the materialization process on another level.

Hans greeted everybody personally, thanked for the space made for the spirits to step in and talked about the times behind us, Christmas and New Years Eve, a few moments and about the problems to build and uphold ballanced sitter groups, when so many expectations and characters are involved. And how we shall deal with the problems that are usually occurring. Like always with a great deal of understanding and philantropy, generosity and human kindness.

Then he said the spirit team would develop the full form experiments tonight.
We became very excited. We not really had awaited this. We thought more sitters energy would be needed for that. But Hans said the intimacy of the moment and the good atmosphere between the present sitters would ballance that out.
He appreciated that the new steps in development would be welcomed by the sitters tonight and that the phenomenon was for us all, all around the world, for all who would like to resonate or to explore the outer limits of the human consciousness and existence.
He proposed a code of action for the evening.
When a full form after building up was ready for the 5 seconds red light interval, Kai would ring the bell in the back of the cabinet. 5 seconds the materialized form then had to stand the visible spectrum of light, when we photographed. Then lights were going off again. With a new ringing of the bell another 5 seconds started and so on.

That way we had three red light events with a female reluctantly exiting the cabinet.
We quietly sang and very soon the bell rang for the first time.
Hans had announced months ago that with the time the spirits would decrease their heavy disguise, the veiling of their garment - and that more and more human features would become visible.
Tonight they were keeping their promise.

Reluctantly a short and slim female with long hair started to exit the cabinet. Her head was exposed but when she exited and the red light fell on her, she lowered her head and covered her eyes from the red light. Her long, dark-blonde hair fell over her shoulders when she moved outside the both curtain halfs. Again a white garment of some sort was worn and i could see a slim arm under it. At the same time i was counting out loud to five. That's quite a long time, although the camera, operated by M., only managed to shoot one photo. Focussing and a long blend were responsible.

The bell rang again. Red light illuminated the room and i started to count. The narrow shouldered entity could now be seen standing in front of the curtain slits looking half right and avoiding the direct view into the red light. This was the only time her head was only sunken into her shoulders but looking straight towards my left! But because of her full hair from my/our position her face was covered and i could see her facial features only superficially.
And 'five' I counted - and switched off the light again.

A few seconds later: ring! Red Light on, starting to count down again watching her. She had just turned back her front to us and i could see her again trying to block the full blown 40W red light. She was very slim. And as I said i recognized her narrow shoulders. When my husband had tested out the photographic conditions earlier he stood there at the same spot and the upper ring of the cabinet was in his neck. This lady here was good 10 cm (1/3 foot) below the upper ring. I estimated her being maximum 1,65 cm (5,5 feet) tall if not smaller. Her veiled hands were covering her eyes.
Darkness enwrapped us and immediately we heard Hans asking if we had seen the figure and we all acclaimed Yes!

Switch on the light, he said and the red light I turned on again. I saw my entranced husband Kai, his huge and massive body, in comparison to the frail figure we just saw, holding the curtains wide open, turning them from left to right and back to show nothing of the apparition was left behind within seconds, almost instantly it appeared to me she must have vanished and nothing of her was to be seen anymore.

Who was this lady, Hans?
'Her name is Mitzi! And she is so close to Rudi that she manifested in his presence, in the séance room, his presence, so tightly interwoven with Kais Modern Day Mediumship, a mediumship walking in - and even exceeding - Rudis path! Mitzi, she is called, Mitzi Mange!'
Rudi Schneider is for years an important part of the Spirit Team, having his responsibilities.
For an uncountable time we were stunned!
Mitzi Mange!?
I heard the name before, at least the first name.

Later we learned that Mitzi was Rudis fiancée, and they probably even married after the war! 
What shall I say!?
After a few more questions, Hans said, all who wanted to absorb life-energy, shall countdown with him from 3 to 1 and when zero comes, we should inhale deeply and strongly!

So we started THREE-TWO-ONE (exhaling, bringing all the air from the lungs outwards) and ZERO, I am inhaling quickly and deeply like the others and parallel to our gasps under the ceiling above the cabinet an enormous white light explodes and shoots into our bodies. We sucked it in literally! We were exhausted...
The séance was soon closed...

Unquestionably this was a step forward from the fully hooded figures that appeared under different conditions within the last months. It was also fully clear, even though we could not directly see Kai during the apparition, that that was not him. Much too frail was this entity, much too small and out of every proportion if you know the size of my over 140 kilo husband.
Much too fast was everything gone and nothing left of it.

The comparatively low quality of the photos was caused by the same problem responsible for the low number of photos: The long exposure time did let even the smallest motions blur and the figure appear as what it was, literally ghost-like.

Kai doubts we could have achieved much better photos. The occult, he says, exists on our plane only inbetween the fully defined and always stays elusive, at least when we try to make an image of it.
A look into the history of spirit and Materialization photography seems to confirm his views, besides a few exceptions.

I am sure that with the increasing unveiling of the Phantoms we gonna see more, but for now, this is, what we can humbly offer in our Mediumship events for Spirit Materialization.

Good night everybody out there


Photographic Post Scriptum 
Julia says, in the second photo facial features were visible but were hung by hairs!
Thesis: Somewhere within the depths of the photographic process is facial information hidden, at least of the half of the face, that was looking to the left. Applying a sophisticated sensitive b/w contrast filter and mirroring the image at the edge of the for Julia barely visible facial part, we should get a full face from the hidden photographic data. 

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017


Single mother Jackie Fernandez was most affected by the frightening occurrences in her house 1989
 For a very long time a modern day Poltergeist-disturbance case caught my attention and I collected and studied intensively every information i could get, specifically all the visual material available. But not only the fact, that a camera-team around main investigator Dr.Barry Taff was recording a lot of things that usually avoids becoming documented, the obvious emotional impact and angst, the palpable fear terrorizing the main victim of the San Pedro Poltergeist case (1989-1993), single mother of a toddler Jackie Fernandez (in her thirties), gave the case an extra amount of tragic credibility from the start. Taff by the way considered Jackie to be the 'Poltergeist agent' and discarded the implications possibly pointing to an outside source of maybe ethereal nature.

Jackie and others (neighbors, child care takers) had strange apparitions in the house. Jackie saw frequently an evil looking male, with a deformed face full of scars, sitting on the bed of her son or approaching her quickly and bawling at her to leave the house before disappearing instantaneously, olfactory sensations of bad smells, regularly documented (photos) appearances of independently moving spherical bright light dots, like projected with a laser pointer onto the walls and ceilings, up to the size of a coin and terrifying noises and knockings from the easily approachable attic.
If you should be interested in these cases of 'hazardous hauntings' (Taff), necessarily refer to Barry Conrads (involved News reporter) and his camera mans most actual video production about the case, well told and using all the recorded materials that could be achieved at that time (watch below).

But before you enjoy this really special program, let us come to the todays point, causing me to represent the San Pedro haunting here, even though the case itself is quite well-known.
There was one special fact about this case that was deeply mystifying the involved research- and documenting parties, when the turmoil was reaching its climax:
Suddenly the house started to emanate a mysterious liquid substance. It soaked from the inbetweens of the wooden planks the house was made of and dripped from every structural space within its built, like inlaying cupboards and alike.

Inexplicable human blood plasma dripping from Jackie Fernandez house

Irritated alone by the involved physics behind ongoings like that, the inexplicable sky-rocketed for the researchers, when Taff was getting the results of the analysis of the liquid: human blood plasma!
Blood Plasma is a complicated component of human blood and is either existing within the human body (needs to be centrifuged and then stored frozen to avoid its dissolution) or in Laboratory.
The anomalous appearance of huge quantities of it, extruded from the inner house structure did objectively prove, something very weird was going on in Jackie Hernandez home.

Up to now there is not a handful of documented RSPK-cases (recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis) known where blood played an unanswered role somehow, like in another case, the 'Bleeding house'.

I digged out San Pedro for you after having stumbled about this. It may not have to do anything with the metaphysics of the San Pedro- or Fountain Drive-haunting, but considering the only eye-witnesses account, there could be a sort of similarity thinkable.
It comes from the Ghost-theory site and Xavier Ortega writes about an email he had received from a police officer:

'The following story was sent to my from somebody who works for the Los Angeles Police Department. I was only allowed to post it here if I omitted certain names.

“In the early 1990’s, I was a young police officer with the LAPD working North Hollywood Division.  We received a radio call, in a small but nice apartment complex.  An elderly man called his apartment manager because his apartment was bleeding.  My partner & I met the manager outside, who seemed truly bewildered. I entered the apartment and met the elderly gentleman, seated with considerable blood on the carpet and some on the walls, leading into an adjacent room.  It looked like a crime scene and I treated it as such.

A large splotch had a unique bubbling effect that drew my attention, but other than that, it looked many many other scenes I’ve seen, consistent with movement of a bleeding person in panic.

Long story short, I called in additional units, a supervisor and an an ambulance.  We searched complex, streets and alleyway.  We searched the second story (floor above) and small crawlspace under the apartment and could find nothing. Not a drop of blood beyond the interior of the apartment.  We interviewed everybody around, no one heard or saw anything and they were all believable.

The elderly man said he was seated in the same chair I found him in when I entered the apartment and inexplicably the walls and carpet just began bleeding before his eyes.  I had the LAFD check him completely and he was not bleeding.  I evaluated him for a “5150 H&S” mental hold, and we had no cause to take him into custody.

The manager said the elderly man called him and gave him the same strange story he gave me.
The manager did his own investigation, looking around and found nothing.
He got a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and poured it on the red substance which immediately began to bubble.  To the manager, that meant blood, he called us and that explained the one anomaly I observed.

The supervisor was old sergeant, who called the Watch Commander out of my ability to hear.  He broke down the scene and sent us back out to handle radio calls.

A paper trail of this will still exist, we do a Daily Field Activities Report for every shift, the Sergeant does a Daily Log and the Watch Commander also does a daily report.  I can’t remember the date, exact location.  I always wished I had a different Sergeant respond that would given me the ability for stay longer, take samples or have detectives respond.

I’m still on the LAPD, never seen anything else like it.  I don’t believe in the supernatural but when I heard about the Atlanta House, it sparked my memory.  The LAPD has changed exponentially since this incident and no Sergeant or Watch Commander would break down a possible assault scene without further investigation.  I would not want my Department to be looked upon for not doing enough, even back then. Truly, we had a lot of cops trying to figure this out at that moment, I guess the supervisor thought it a hoax and maybe he was right.  I objected, he ordered the clearing of the scene and that was that.  The Sergeant and Watch Commander Logs may have further information.  He was under no obligation to inform me of what the Watch Commander said and offered no rationale for clearing the scene.

My mind is open if you have further insight.  What do you know know about inexplicable bleeding dwellings?”

 And finally in feature film-length, Barry Conrads intensive documentary about the Poltergeist related ordeal of a young woman 1989.


Anecdotal post scriptum:
Freely associating let me share a last interesting anecdote. The German researcher Fanny Moser called Poltergeist cases 'a human mystery', underlining the hundreds of years of research with no results.
There is another mystery on this earth momentarily expanding its aspects of mysteriousness quite unproportionally. Actually it is an ongoing crime committed in different countries, like the US, Argentina and UK. At least for fifty years, despite the fact dozens of State polices and the FBI have investigated, law enforcement was not able to bring only one suspect in front of a court.
Since the sixties in different countries law enforcement-, live-stock- and health-departements are confronted with inexplicable animal deaths within commercial live-stock, private animal keeping and even with pets and wild animals under most mysterious and terrifying conditions. 

Left behind carcasses show same injuries from the surgical excision of tongue, jaw-tissue (lips), ears and eyes with clinical precision. Animals blood has mysteriously vanished, but a NIDS study found blood plasma, as paradox and inexplicable as in the Poltergeist related cases...  

'Cattle Mutilation' is the keyword here and still it is unknown who with clinical accuracy takes re-productive organs, but also tongues, ears, eyes and lips from animals and leaves behind the scary looking mutilated carcasses.
Part of the mystery is the total abcense of blood and the animals broken bones, leading investigators to the conclusion the animals must have been flown out, then mutilated and thrown back onto the pasture from mid-air.
Due to Robert Bigelow NIDS research team in several cases blood plasma was found on the animals, what is exactly as paradox as in the human-related mystery-cases above.

So there are two highly mysterious anomalies happening in the environment of human beings, centuries and decades were not long enough to understand or find answers. Unseen perpetrators here and there. They act around us, but we cannot get a hold on them, but both leave blood plasma!
Whatelse have the both anomalistic complexes maybe in common?


Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017


The Circle, the Family, Elke and Stefanie and Kai and Julia do wish for all of you and us a wonderful and successful New Year. May we all be healthy, wealthy and lucky in 2017. May we all be loved and loving - a lot! And may the Spirit World keep on holding their Gates wide open for us to muse and commune with the forces that inspire and fulfill us for another year to come!

Kai and Julia, Elke, Stef and the Circle
Wooden Buddha as a symbol for much luck in 2017, materialized by spirit controls in May 2014 as a Birthday present

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016


Author and Spiritual Teacher Rolf Stadelmann describes how Activation Stones in a glass bowl under a considerable quantity of ectoplasm, flowing from mediums mouth, started to shine in a blueish color
by Rolf Stadelmann

(Rolf Stadelmann is a well known Switzerland Shaman-Healer and Spiritual Teacher in his early fifties estimatedly, from Basle, a Magus and an Author about sensitive healing work with plants and plant-essences, shamanistic, mediumistic and sensitive healing work. 
His main website 'sun-deer' can be found here)  

Just recently I attended two more séances with Kai and Julia M. of the German Felix Circle.

The first séance, 28th of November 2016, that was attended by many first timers, was of a powerful program of mediumistic basics. Well audible knocking sounds from walls and ceiling, touches by spirit hands, spirit-entities walking through the room (medium sitting in the circle strictly held, mostly moderating ongoings like that from its position), movements and playing of musical instruments and fingers and a full hand on a plaque in a distance from the controlled medium, and a flying trumpet.


Specifically impressing was a rain of stones literally from mouth, nose, ears and eyes of the medium, as well as the materialization of a small deity figurine made of brazen into the hand of a lady sitter in red light, followed by ectoplasm in red light.
 After exiting mediums mouth it was detouched with the help of his hands and was developing a pulsating life of its own down on the floor - and like from an egg breaking open, a not fully formed, but well recognizable hand reached out and erected itself upwards.

The second séance, 1st December 2016,

was completely different - when we had many interesting, supporting and valid informations already in the earliest moments of spirit communication and basicly over the course of the séance itself been given.
Beginning there were clear stones, raining onto the floor (see photo), the moment the main spirit control was 'stepping-through' (the medium), and following - over the course of the séance - there were frequent small forms of light visibly exploding or flashs of light discharging - and later brazen deity figurines happened to be materialized directly into the hands of four sitters....
Objects materialized the 1st of December 2016

Specifically extraordinary was the 'recharging' of estimatedly five huge 'Activation Stones', the so called 'Centerstones', placed at the beginning of the evening together into a glass bowl.
Somewhen during the sitting, medium sat inside the cabinet (usually only when there is light used in the circle, for example to arrange something) and asked for the stones, which were handed over to him immediately.
Then we saw the bowl filling up with ectoplasm exiting the mediums mouth and well observable started to shine blueish. Meanwhile the bowl was held in one hand, the other hand made again and again circular movements above it.
Symbolically spoken it was like a magus, who with sorcerous movement patterns 'bespoke' and 'reloaded' the 'Centerstones' and that took quite a time....
Author and Investigator Prof. E.K. was attending the day of the 'ectoplasmic Centerstones energetisation' together with his wife and describes his approach when composing such an image. Always exchanging with others and alligning the observations he believes with 'the intersubjective consensus' such a CGI image can be as accurate as a photo can be...
Towards the end of the sitting a kind of rudimentary 'life form' of ethereal nature showed up, with a mellow white-yellowish self-illumination and moved in quite a distance from the medium and cabinet into the room.
Moreover this time two trumpets were simultaneously brought into flight and all personal Activation Stones (much smaller than the Centerstones) sitters had brought into the room collectively became reloaded newly also, holding them outstretched, when a very bright flash of light exploded high above the cabinet located slightly outside the sitters circle.

Again the séances were both touching, tantalizing, meaningful and instructional, and impressive! Rolf Stadelmann

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016


After dozens of requests to see the unedited version with an original timeline and perspective we like to add here now the original recording, the clip that documents the facial apport phenomenon, filmed under séance-conditions in the rooms of the Basler PSI Verein (Basle PSI Association) in the presence of approx. 18 guests and staff of the Association.

For clarification and insight, for study and better understanding, the clip:

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

A BIRTH OF MATTER - Phenomenon Eye Socket Apportation (Apports) and an excursion into the history of Felix Circles peculiar Apports (with new Video)

Video documents the Apport of objects, materializing from mediums eyes in huge quantities (as from other facial orifices...).

Apportation phenomenon has been part of the Felix Circle experience from the beginning on.
From peculiar water apports while singing 'we all live in a yellow submarine', to rose-petals, waxballs with messages of the deceased, objects of religious character - buddhistic and hinduistic figurines appeared in the hundreds - and all forms of gemstones and semi-gemstones imaginable, we became used to.
With the time apportation/materialization in red light was becoming makeable and standing altogether around the table under red-light conditions holding hands, suddenly, in front of us all, objects fell onto the table, seemingly coming from nowhere. Then shortly after in front of all present, from the checked (by vision and touch) bare outstretched hand of the entranced medium objects materialized and fell into the hands of guest sitters as gifts.

Rose petal apport approx. 2006
Several times different quantities of water simply fell onto the table from nothingness
At least once that did happen while singing the Beatles classic about living under water in a yellow submarine.

Being highly influenced by the Scole-Experiments, the FC (Felix Circle) Spirit team as well produced a 50 years old piece of newspaper, as it has happened in Scole with Robin Foys Scole Group. The FC newspaper interestingly is reporting one of the first hauntings investigated by 'Prof. Hans Bender'. Until today, a spirit with this name is the main communicator for the deep trance processes of the FC-Medium

One of the first objects an American Investigation Team had received in red light, appearing from nothingness. Years later the apport evidentiality was brought to its climax, when highly synchronicistical apports were produced for the same team under the lead of Prof. Braude in a 'séance-room-lab' in Austria. 
One of the spectacular handwritings of the deceased: Author Marion Dampier Jeans received during a séance with the FC a handwriting within one of the famous wax-balls, a professional graphological expertise, made and financed by a danish newspaper, later found out it was the handwriting of famous Danish Physical Medium Einer Nielsen, written in the grammar of his lifetimes. We had several of these spectacular pieces, from Albert Hofmann (discoverer of LSD), Vladimir Delavre, Hans Naegeli Osjord, Aleister Crowley and many more...

More apported Messages of the Deceased and other Direct Writings. Watch the many different handwritings and languages...
Very much appreciated were always the wax ball apports containing handwritings of the deceased, which are very rare today. Those we had received over the years had quite an impact though. Have a look how they looked like, showing the example of the Albert Hofmann wax-ball. Even though this was one of the shorter messages, its impact, phenomenologically and emotionally onto the receiver, an old friend of Mr. Hofmann, was massive and its origin unquestionable, after children and colleagues had confirmed the handwriting of being his. The following images are stills from a powerpoint presentation. Receiver was the award winning author and famous event organizer (Basle PSI days, Basle PSI Association), Parapsychologist Lucius Werthmueller.
The wax ball containing the Albert Hofmann handwriting. These waxballs came in many different sizes and did sometimes also contain objects, or both.

Meanwhile during the development sittings with the circle the objects carried on to enter the circle in many different ways, the deep trance processes with the 'Alchemisten', the spirit team, progressed as well. Specifically the bare hand apports brought more and more amazing results and people started to describe, sitting directly beneath the mediums outstretched hand, what they saw, when objects developed from it (the following is a composition made by a Australian sitter 2013):
Several sitters described visible activity from blinking lights to swirls of dust-like particles until objects fell eventually
Engineer William Treurniet shows in a video what he discovered within a strange stone, that was materialized for him: the peculiar three-dimensional image of a woman:

Another form of deep trance apportation was the sudden materialization/apportation from a light appearing in the hands of the entranced medium. One of the first of these apports has happened in the USA, when from mediums checked bare hands with a light a very humid flower appeared, full of waterdrops and a living ant at/in it:
Materialized flower with waterdrops, meanwhile outside a rainstorm was happening, probably an apport from the vicinity, although around the church where it happened these flowers were not available. Moreover a living ant was happy to live its life within the flower. The apportation was claimed to be a gift from the grandmother of this sitter, who was all her life a gardener...
From then on even the massive activation stones for 'centers', huge spiritual stones, were coming from the light inbetween the mediums hands into the séance room in red light!
Only the break of the true amount of objects that have appeared over the years...!

Then for the first time in Florida the spirits used the meaningful and fascinating venue via the eyes. It was a huge crystal exiting the eye-socket:

Video: For the first time Apportation via the eye under the overwhelming positive conditions Rev. Kevin Lee of the Metaphysical Church in S.F. was providing

A few days before we were experiencing with Kevin Lee another extraordinary apportation event at the beaches of F.L.. Meanwhile having a walk in the early evening in the fine sand and under the palms at the shore, Medium Kai had the strong impulse something was digged in the sand and did let Rev. Lee search at 5-7 coincidentally chosen locations in the sand. Then there it was, hidden approx. 3/4 of a foot deep in the sand, a symbol made out of bone or alike of religious character.

Discovered in the sands of F.L.beach.
During a week in a scientific séance-room 'laboratory', in the third year of investigation by an american scientist the apports enhanced their evidentiality a lot. For example a focus object was brought into the séance room for an apportation experiment, that looked like gold foil. Entering the séance room the previously searched Medium K.M. was told it was made out of copper.
Within minutes something fell onto the white experimentation table in bright red light: a piece of pure copper!
Succesful Apportation linking into the focus object's 'gold-foil-systemic' and materializing a piece of pure copper, the foil is made of, as a result...! Done under fraud-proof conditions.
 More and more usual it became that the spirit controls wanted from the strange séance room atmosphere something to give the people with. As a reminder in regards to their teachings about the consciousness and the Multiverse and the necessary awareness and responsibility coming with it for us humans.
So during séances there were oftentimes many different apportation events bringing forward objects appreciating the engagement of the ones, who were specifically committed and even the others who were simply present.
Flying into the circle from nowhere in the dark or red light, coming visibly from bare hands, laying suddenly in the midst of the floor even though it was just being cleansed by Julia Muegge for example, or exiting Mediums body by means of a flash or without in red light well seen - or suddenly building up within ectoplasmic substance.
Medium seems to rub a section of the substance in his hands. This part becomes like shiny and glassy and shortly afterwards he shakes an object out of it. The object though adheres strongly at the main mass and upcoming close range observations  showed that objects at least frequently had to be freed from a cocoon-like structure and dozens of miniature umbilical cords sticking on the surface of the objects covering it completely.
Taking the route through the mediums face so to speak started when for the first time the spiritcontrols announced a drop-in communicator 'step through the portal', being himself a famous US-Medium in the seventees. It was in Florida for the first time he appeared and produced an object coming from the mediums eye-socket slipping forward from under the mediums eye ball:

That not only started to become a spectacular and frequent demonstration in deep trance séances, objects also appeared spontaneously, seemingly triggered by outer events like for example in the environment of an Uri Geller demonstration. Unfortunately it didn t happen in his direct presence but it seemed to be connected obviously.
Moreover it wasn t necessarily related to the deep trance pocesses anymore and happened after an automatic slight entrancement.

Shortly after this photo was shot the first apport happened in the foyer of the Uri Geller event and after the event in the cable car on our way back home to the PSI Association.
This is the apportation event happening only with a sudden slight trance in the environment of the Uri Geller event in Basle, Switzerland:

When the 'Dr.Felix Spirit Team' does its healing routines, like here on Ibiza, 2015, when Julia was able to actually catch the moment quite well showing the massive object appear behind the eye-lid, stones and objects also materialize or apport on a regular base.
In the following instance medium was only slightly entranced:

Meanwhile the following event was happening in deep trance actually, you can estimate hearing the coarse voice of the trance control speaking. At another séance on Ibiza, the Trance Control asked Julia to locate a swelling above the jawbone on Mediums right side of his face. Julia searched and found the hardened area within Kais lower cheek. She was asked to push it upwards towards the eye and mysteriously the former swelling above Kais jawbone protruded the tissue in a way that is also not at all physiologically logical and exited the eye eventually.
Have a look, eye-socket apportation in deep trance:

We hope you have enjoyed the new video material at the beginning and our excoursion into the past of the FC and its séance room wonders, we are still approaching in humbleness knowing we are all blessed to have that exchange with the ethereal.
Be aware you are all part of this and everybody can take active part in sittings and séances if you really wish!


Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016


(Marion Dampier Jeans is a cosmopolitan, born in Denmark, living mainly in the UK, France and also in the US. Nevertheless is Scandinavia her passion and focus of her spiritual activities. With her investigations, books and demonstrations she is reviving spirituality in these nordic European countries. She visited and wrote several times about the indigenous Sami people, whose spirituality is like American Indians legendary in Europe. Her efforts to educate about the matter is exemplary and unique. So she travels Scandinavia frequently and is as an author of different scandinavian bestsellers a regular guest in TV and talkshows.)
The Lysethus in Arhus, Denmarks second big city, is an independent church, built in 1894. In its smallest hall the 3 discussed séances were held between the 23rd and 25th of September 2016
After careful planning, Kai and Julias 3 days demonstration in the only spiritualist church left in Scandinavia - in use for over 100 years - was happening to be held last weekend. 
One physical séance with a table-setting and two classical physical cabinet-séances were to be held.
The séance-room in the church is its smallest hall, used every week for spirit activities, and was checked and stripped of everything, the chairs and the cabinet and the focus objects were the only objects allowed. Then all things were in the room as it should be for having such a special demonstration.                                 

I was very conscious about the conditions this séance was to be held in, about creating security in not to become cheated and so about the control conditions the medium had to undergo. 
A lot of problems have arrived recently within the physical mediumship-sector. The well-known film - showing an English physical medium outside the cabinet in acts of fraud and doing the phenomena himself - I had very much in mind.

I have seen the uproar, the anger, all around the world, and many turning their back to Physical Mediumship. I was shocked myself as well and contemplated about the claims so many physical mediums had been taken for fraud over the last 25 years - for holding the trumpet in their hand or for walking around helping or doing the phenomena themselves. In the recent filmed fraud-case we can evaluate that the exposure came at least from inside the physical mediumship-community and not from any skeptical sources outside.

Therefore my work with Kai and Julia was very much influenced and was observed by me with scruples and vigilance from the preparation of the séances to their end.
I have frequently sat with Kai over the last 12 years, also with the Felix Circle in Germany. My own involvement in Physical Mediumship stretches over 40 years, so my observation is not shallow, but happens with full scrutiny. 

I have seen how important the way Kai works is. Kai does not get fastened into a chair - like the medium that was exposed. 'Controllers' are holding him - with their hands on his legs and arms to control his movements and activities all the times the light is extinguished.
Holding the medium in darkness means permanent hands-on contact, when phenomena are occurring!

So I was allowed to control him and Julia and held him really tight throughout the phenomena happening in the séance-room. When the spirit activity was obviously strong, I was additionally asked - by the spirit operator 'Hans' (the German Prof. Hans Bender) - to hold Kai fast, but to lean over to Julia as well, to feel and check her and her hands on Kai holding him. Julia was always holding Kais leg and hand.

Julia also provided with a permanent quiet singing the opportunity to always locate her inside of the room, meanwhile the phenomena went on in the middle of the circle. 
With this 'super'-controls I detected Julia was not moving into the room herself and was in the contrary actually always holding the mediums hand and leg on her side, as I was on mine!

When the spirit control 'Hans Bender' asked to let go of the medium, so he could sit free to talk, I still checked all the time - touching - where he was, his back, legs and feet and so forth. 
In no way or form has he being left to walk free or do anything without my knowledge, during the darkness related phenomena of the cabinet séances!

Had I detected there was anything wrong or in the case I could not feel the medium when he sat outside the cabinet, I would have stopped the séance immediately.
In no way would I become part of a fraud, specifically because I also was strongly feeling responsible for the three Danish physical circles I overlook - also on the behalf of Einer Nielsen (deceased Danish Physical Medium, he passed in1965) - which all were present at the demonstrations!

Kai did not leave his chair!

I also had checked Kai already extensively on his naked body directly before the séance: He stripped down to his under pants in front of me and I examined Kais clothes, shoes and body. 
He is a big guy and even did let me check the folders of his upper body, as well as he showed me through his underpants the section behind his scrotum, where nothing was hidden either. 
This took place in the library of the church and on his way down to the séance room, he walked in front of me, with his hands in the air, so he couldn't reach out to anything.

(To know Kai was entering the séance room bare of any things is important, when we look at the volumes and sizes of presented material during the séance (apports and ectoplasm). Additionally light-, touch- and materialization-phenomena in a distance are happening, transport of objects through the air and the room, and from time to time huge masses of ectoplasm are exhibited, developing forms, and the excavation of images (faces) from within the ectoplasm is part of the demonstration. edit.)
Bettina Thomsen and Marion Dampier Jeans were responsible for the three days of Contemporary Physical Mediumship with Kai and Julia Muegge of the German Felix Circle.
 a.) The Table Séance
The first demonstration was the table sitting.
We were sitting in two rows outer and inner circle. The table was a plastic table and was big enough to have 10 people sitting at it, used in the séance room in the circle of the church. 
There was the usual touch, spirit lights and moving of some toys from the cabinet into the table-section or around.

The cabinet was positioned out of reach approximately 8 feet from the sitters around the table in Kais back. Kai was singing and speaking and as main protagonist explaining nearly all the time - Julia provided her quiet singing always and had her hands on the shoulders of her neighbor. We were sitting so tightly squeezed around the table, that there were no times we could not detect Kai and could fully exclude him or Julia were standing up going to the cabinet or anything like that! Additionally we held and controlled him strictly in this first sitting when the table started to float up with all four legs! Four hands and feet were securing his feet, knees and hands, when the table suddenly levitated like weightless...!!!

The strongest experience I had with the table phenomena was when it began to loose its hard surface and its structure started to melt as if changing on molecule-level its characteristics: First the legs started to bend and felt like rubber. I could feel it clearly, checking it with my own hand.  The table top began to bend also and soon the flat surfaces plastic was dynamically deforming into a wave-like form and look. Such a strange observation I had made not the first time. In another of Kais demonstrations, sitting holding Kais hand and leg many years before, his arm felt like rubber and also began to strangely bend. 

Then the outer circle took over and sat around the table and suddenly all felt something was landing on the table...
When the light was turned on, the chair from inside of the still closed cabinet in a 6-7 feet distance away from the sitters and the back of Kai, was seemingly being lifted and transported through the room and onto the table! But to navigate this by human hands in total darkness undetected was impossible in my opinion. There was a big  chandelier hanging down in a part of the church hall and in the way the chair might have taken. It was hanging between the cabinet and the table.
To stand up undetected in darkness and manoveur the chair over the heads of the sitters would have taken quite a time. We heard Kai permanently speaking and Julia singing. We heard nothing from the chandelier that looked totally uneffected whatsoever.  
The chair had arrived onto the table, only three legs touching the top surface, because it was bent by the psychic force, as mentioned before, completely. The chair itself was heavy, an old solid wooden one from the 1950s.

After the demonstration I examined the table and it was back to its regular state, no cracks and solid, the same as when we started. Each sitter saw this...
The table séance and phenomena were an eye-opener for the students, who also were surprised how quickly these phenomena can happen.

b.) Ectoplasm based Cabinet Séances in Deep Trance - and three Danish Physical Circles and Mediums witnessing it
 We had trumpet levitation, light phenomena and touching phenomena mainly. Almost all sitters were touched and a message to one sitter from a relative was delivered.
Then first ectoplasm was developing; it was draped from head to toe over Kais body. He was walking around that way in the circle area outside the cabinet. The huge web of ectoplasm was self-illuminated and interesting to observe. It also illuminated Kai, so he could be seen within the illuminated light. 
The white ectoplasm, the way it is produced from the body and how it takes different forms, was shown in red light also. The material was somehow very fine, but had some rough parts also. It also had holes and string-like threats in it. Kai was moving around, showing and touching it.

For me this was very interesting. I know that Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason, born 1883 and died 1912, had talked about this illuminating light from the spirit world as well and that it was safe for the medium. In Spiritualisms heydays it actually happened quite frequently that Full Spirit Materializations brought their own 'harmless spirit-lights' into the séance-room, usually with no other light-source shining! 

Danish Physical Medium Einer Nielsen, born 1894 and passed in 1965, expressed the same knowledge about these quite strong spirit lights as a communicator in 1990 during a séance in my physical circle in London. 
In a circle in the North of England the same light was shown to me before - and explained to be a light, safe for the mediums developing - and safe for working with.
So when Kai walked with this illuminated mass of ectoplasm, it gave a wonderful feeling: I see his development also in a more historical scale now. It was extremely beautiful, I have to say, a fascinating and truely beautiful sight.

Then there were two times the mass of ectoplasm was coming out of Kais mouth and landed on the floor, in front of him. We could all see it moving in good red light, clearly having a life on its own, almost as if it was breathing in a rhythm, or like trying to stand up. This was developing two times in front of everybodies eyes!

Kai also showed how stones materialized from his eyes and we saw 14 of them appear from behind his eyelids and then delivered! And stones were also appearing from Kais checked bare hands: two stones appearing with a flash of light for the president of the church, Bettina Thomsen. Vibeke Lilja Broch-Lips was given a small metal figurine of an indian deity …...
Only three of the many objects that were produced by mediumistic means in red light.
The participating Danish circles reported huge fascination and satisfaction over the whole course of 3 consequotive nights. They say they have learned a lot, so many interesting things and information - also from the explanations given by the 'Hans Bender-personality - about ectoplasm and other mediumistic productions! 

c.) The Sunday Physical Séance
The Sunday demonstration was for another group of students, a physical circle that had just started. There were other mediums from the spiritualist church and students of Bettina Thomsen and my self (MDJ) also present.
 I did the stripsearch and the checking of Kai as before and was coordinating holding Kais arm and leg constantly checking he was in his seat and that Julia was queerly singing. From time to time I leaned over and held Julia when there were phenomena in a distance, see below:

We started with spirit lights, both from the inside of the cabinet and the outside. 
 We had the demonstration with the hankerchief, when it was taken from the grasp of sitters, the touching of spirit hands and very heavy food steps in the room.

Kai sat outside the cabinet and Julia switched on the red light and the spirit control asked a sitter to sit directly in front of him. She was sitting down there and Kai started quickly to produce stones and objects from his eyes, ears and mouth. The material of small whitish plates that appeared seemed to be nacre (mother of pearl), some with small inscribed icons and images of religious character on them. Then there were stones of different colours, cut and size also and the pregnant woman sitting opposite to Kai was given 7 of them, that all came from Kais eyes, and were called 'violet flames' by 'Hans', the control.  

Kai then produced from his mouth a large quantity of ectoplasm forming into a hand, hanging from his mouth and moving independently, as if it was living. This ectoplasm was again different in look and size. 

Then we had the most fantastic display of light coming from Kais hands, round shapes with black lines in the middle that swirled around the people, who were amazed.

After this 'Hans Bender' began to give me a message from Einer Nielsen. 
'Hans' did not reveal Einers name at that time, he mentioned that he would come in company with another spirit i unfortunately could not see within the bulging ectoplasmic mass on Kais chest, but i only saw Einer. I was allowed to stand in front of the cabinet with Julia. She illuminated the cabinet with a torch light and we saw Kai, who was like laying in his chair.
I was told before that I would see Einer Nielsen in the ectoplasm, and here it happened.  
'Hans' said things about my work and the appreciation of the spirit world, specifically Einer Nielsens appreciation about my efforts to make his work unforgettable in spiritualism within scandinavia. In the 30 years of his work estimated 20.000 spirits stepped from his cabinet materialized! I was touched deeply by this reaction from spirit!  
Famous Danish Physical and Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen
The light Julia shone onto the ectoplasm showed there in the middle of it a clear face, almost in 3D, of Einer Nielsen! He even turned his face sideways, first looking straight ahead. It was a fantastic experience and could be seen also by those that sat close to the cabinet.

I also was very touched, when I was told I was to be given a rare and ancient stone, that just had been transported into the circle. 
It appeared out of nowhere literally, no one could have thrown it or gone or reached into the centre-circle, where the stone suddenly laid! Julia was by my side, Kai in the cabinet, but within a few seconds the 'bloodstone' laid there: An apport! And being done so fast! 

Hans referred to the quite big stone as a 'bloodstone' and that it was one of only a very few - he mentioned eight - that were once produced by the 'Alchemisten', Kais spirit team. He said that for every receiver into the stone a kind of etheral pattern was inlaid, that strengthened their connections to the spirit world or give healing. He said they are called 'bloodstones' because they connect the spirits like blood kind of connects organs of a body!

The circle closed with the most fantastic light show that lit up the whole circle and the room. The light was that strong I had to close my eyes, the power of this was fantastic. At the same time it was very much controlled, how the light moved around in the room.
Each of the three events were different, each time made it more interesting and we have a lasting impression, all participants, circles and mediums can go forth with. With more knowledge about how to work, this was so wonderful to see happy people, who had a wonderful experience.
A great thank you to Kai, Julia and 'Hans Bender', the spirit control, and the rest of the spirit team.